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Jump between braces in Visual Studio.

Posted by Vadim on July 9, 2008

search_BraceHave you ever scroll, scroll, scroll to find the beginning of if else  statement?  In this post I’m not going to tell you that long methods and classes are evil.  Instead, I want to share with you how to move fast between open and close braces.

Put your cursor before or after the brace (your choice) and then press Ctrl+]. It works with either curly or round braces.  From now on you don’t need to play Where’s Waldo? to find that brace.

I’ve been using this trick since Visual C++ 4.0. 

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20 Responses to “Jump between braces in Visual Studio.”

  1. smartyp said

    sweet, thanks for the tip :)

  2. scumdogg said

    The C# crowd get all the cool shortcuts :( wish I could convince my employer to dump VB

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  4. Sheron said

    Nice trick! Thanks for sharing… :-)

  5. karlagius said

    Good one! Thanks! :)

  6. Janko said

    This will surely halp in refactoring. Thanks!

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  8. Thanks for the handy tip!

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  11. pawel g. said

    Good trick, it also works with XML files though ;).

    best wishes

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  13. ktmt said

    Excellent! Excellent! Have wanted this feature in CodeRush forever. Super handy. Thanks for the post. Wonder why it’s not listed in the JetBrain’s “ReSharper 4.5 Default Keymap” pdf.

  14. Thanks for sharing. It saved scrolling :)

  15. Roger said

    AGGGH ! 8-D I have a Spanish keyboard and this does not work so, anyone knows how to do this with a Spanish keyboarddd ? Thanks in advance !

  16. Anonymous said

    Is there an analogous way to move back to the opening brace? crtl + ] moves to the closing brace, but ctrl+[ does not move to the opening brace…

  17. Rohit said

    Thanks! This is very useful!

  18. fmohr said

    Very useful. Thanks. :)

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