Cropper free alternative to Snagit.

FileDownload[1] If you read my posts, you know that my writing skills can be improved by a lot.  Therefore, I tried to put a lot of pictures in my posts to compensate my English.  Until recently I was using Snagit application from TechSmith to capture my screens snapshots.  Snagit is a very good application and I wish I still had it today. However, I had 128 days inactivity of posting.  During this time I upgraded my computer to Windows 7.   couldn’t find my old license of Snagit to install it on new system.  Even Snagit is not that expensive, just $49.95, I looked for free alternative.  I found it on CodePlex, it’s Cropper by Brian Scott.

Cropper is not as powerful as Snagit but it allows me very fast to get a screen capture an paste it to my post. You also can find a collection of plugins for Cropper on CodePlex.  One feature I miss from Cropper is an ability to annotate the image I just captured. 

May be I should stop wishing and get my hands dirty and contribute to Cropper or Cropper Plugins open source projects.