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Free Windows Vista E-Book

Windows Vista Resource Kit.Microsoft Press celebrating 25 years and offers free Windows Vista  Resource Kit e-book

It’s Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, and Jerry Honeycutt with the Windows Vista Team

In-depth, comprehensive, and fully updated for Service Pack 1, this Resource Kit delivers the information you need to administer Windows Vista.

On this book sells for $44.09.

You have to sign up to get the whole book.  So if you don’t mind to give your information to Microsoft, enjoy the book.

You can click here to sign up for your free book.

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Vista Start menu power button should Shut down.

First time I tried to Shut down my brand new Vista, I pressed the Windows key on my keyboard and then clicked on the power button.powerButton

However, it just put my PC in sleep mode.  After that I’ve never used this button again until today.  By exploring Advanced settings in Power Options, I realized that I can configure this power button.

The easiest way is to press your windows key on your keyboard powerStartButtonand start typing power.   You should see Power Options in your Programs list.

Click on Power Options and Select a power plan window should be displayed on your screen.

This is a window where you can select your power plan.  Under each plan you can see Change plan settings link.  You should click on this link in order to navigate to Edit Plan Settings window.


We are not there yet.  Click on Change advanced power settings link, and you’ll see Power Options window.

Almost there. In the list section of that window extend Power buttons and lid and then extend Start menu power button.  In Setting change from default Sleep option to Shut down one.


Press the OK button and you are finally done.  Now the power button is going to shut down Vista.

Also notice that before the power button was brown and now it’s reddish.


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AddressAccessDeniedException, Vista & Orcas

I just started playing with WCF. I created a simple service with VS 2005 on Vista and everything worked fine. Then I tried to use the same example on the same machine but use VS “Orcas” instead of VS 2005. Ooops. I got AddressAccessDeniedException. Thanks to Google I was able to find this article by Amit Lale where he explains the reason why the service doesn’t have rights to http://localhost:8000/ namespace and how to resolve this problem. Using his suggestion to use netsh utility, I was able to get rid of the exception. It also became very clear why it worked for VS 2005 and not VS “Orcas”. To be able to run VS 2005 on Vista I had to run VS 2005 as Administrator and when press Ctrl-F5 or F5 the service also ran as Administrator. However, you don’t need to run VS “Orcas” as an Administrator and the service of course runs as VS user that doesn’t have rights to listen to http port 8000.

I wonder how many security issues like this we’re going to have. Unfortunately security and convinience don’t go together and we have to learn how to live with this.