ASP.NET MVC template for MbUnit tests needs to be fixed.

There’re so many new technologies and tools appearing all the time that it’s impossible to keep up. 

First time I looked at ASP.NET MVC framework was more than a year ago when Microsoft just released the first Beta.  I really liked the new web framework for decoupling and testability. However, because I didn’t have any project where I could use it I left it alonge and started playing with some other toys like WPF and Silverlight.  Now my company is starting developing using ASP.NET MVC framework and it’s time for me get familiar with it again.

So I updated my ASP.NET MVC Beta with RC1.  As a next step I created a sample site using ASP.NET MVC Web Application template.

mvc template

When I was asked if I want to create unit tests, I couldn’t say NO.  As a unit test framework I chose MbUnit v3.

mvc mbUnit

After all the default files were generated by the template, I compiled the solution before making any modifications.  I was surprised when the solution failed to compile.   I got the following errors:

mvc errors

As soon as I look at these errors I realized that I’m missing the following using statements:

using System.Web.Mvc;
using MyNamespace.Controllers;

After adding the missing statements, the solution compiled without any problems.

It’s not a hard problem for a developer to correct but I hope that ASP.NET MVC team will fix the template before they ship the final “1.0” release.

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