From hobbies to a professional.

Most people have hobbies, at least I hope that most people have some other interests beside their primary job.  Some lucky folks can make money doing things they like.  I consider myself a lucky one because if I wasn’t a computer programmer, I would do it in my spare time.  Actually I’m still doing coding in my spare time working on some personal projects which probably will never make me a penny.  However, besides writing computer code I have other hobbies.  I enjoy photography, road cycling, tennis and some other activities at which I always will be just an amateur.

I always admire people who takes their hobbies to the next level and became professional at what they love to do.  One of mine co-workers tremendously enjoys nature photography.  He is making a next step to see if he is good enough to become a pro.  He created a site where people can admire and buy his pictures on canvas.  On his site JustCanvasPrints.com visitors can view beautiful, unique photos from Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley National Park and many other beautiful places.  All photos on his website can be printed on canvas and are available either in color o black and white.

What is missing on his website is a space where people could leave a comment for each picture.  As an artist you probably want to see feedback from others.  Well, may be he’ll add it later.  You cannot do everything at once.

Let’s wish him luck and go check out his site.