CTP, Visual Studio

Problem installing VS 2010 & .NET 4.0 CTP

I thought it’s time for me to follow everyone and install Visual Studio 2010.  Microsoft provides us with Virtual PC image that includes Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0.  So I downloaded all 11 parts, each of them is 700 MB except the last 11th part which is 286 MB.

I’m at the next point to extract the virtual machine image.  I eagerly click on Accept button at the EULA screen.  Few minutes later I see the following error when it gets to part 2:

“Write error in the file VisualStudio2010CTP.vhd. Probably the disk is full”


After making sure that I have enough disk space, I Google.  I was very disappointed that this time so reliable Google fail me.

I was able to figure out the problem few minutes later.  The Virtual Machine hard drive image is 23Gb.  I tried to extract it to my external hard drive  that was formatted as FAT32.  The biggest file on FAT32 file system you can have is 4Gb.

So if you encounter the same error just extract the image to hard drive with NTFS file system.