Setting up RavenDB as an IIS application by pictures.

I’ve been living all my professional live in relational database world.  Lately NoSQL is making a lot of buzz that I couldn’t ignore it any more and decided to take a closer look.   The first question I had is which NoSQL database should I play with?  I narrowed my option to three: CouchDB, MongoDB, and RavenDB.  Being a .NET developer RavenDB looked like a logical choice. It’s .NET friendly and has a LINQ provider.

Next step for me was to download and install RavenDB and that what this post is about.

1. Download RavenDB. 

You can go to RavenDb’s download page or just click here to grab the latest build.

2. Unzip the file.

Use your favorite file archiving utility to unzip the file you just downloaded.  In my case I used 7-Zip to unzip file.  By the way I decompressed the files intto C:\RavenDB folder.


3. Next let’s fire IIS Manager and create new application pool.

You need to open the IIS Manager.  The following instruction are for IIS 7.  If you are using different version than you’re on your own. 

In Connections panel select Application Pools.

Then in Actions panel click on the “Add Application Pool…” link.  If you clicked it correctly, you should see the “Add Application Pool” dialog.  In case you don’t see this dialog than you need to read How to Use a Computer Mouse.

You need to name the application pool and you must choose .NET Framework v.4.0 in the “.NET Framework version” drop down box.  Leave everything else the same and press the OK button.



4.  Create a new Raven Web Site.

In IIS Manager right lick on the Sites folder and select “Add Web Site…” from the context menu.


You should see the “Add Web Site” dialog. 

For Site name type “RavenWeb” or you can pick some other name.

Select RavenApplicationPool for Application pool.  You do that by click on Select button.

Make sure that Physical path is points to “Web” folder in extracted folder.  In my case it’s going to be “C:\RavenDB\Web”.

Leave everything the same except the Port.  I picked 8080 for my port you can type the same number or select different.

Your values should look similar to mine but don’t click the OK button yet.


Click the “Test Settings…” button and you probably will see that authorization failed.


We must provide the user for our site that has write access to the physical database location.  Close the “Test Connection” dialog and click on “Connect as…” button in the “Add Web Site”.

“Connect As” dialog should appear on your screen.  Select “Specific user” option and click on the “Set…” button to to enter credentials in “Set Credentials” dialog.


If you entered. proper credentials, than by pressing on the “Test Settings…” button you should see that Authentication and Authorization are valid and we’re ready for next step.


WebSiteCreatedPress the “Close” button for “Test Connection” and then “OK” button for “Add Web Site” dialog.  You should see that the new Web Site was created.


5. Done.

We successfully installed and set up Raven DB to run in IIS.  Just navigate to http://localhost:8080 url or in IIS Manager make sure the new web site is selected and click on “Browse *:8080 (http)” link in Action section.  Rave DB page should be opened in your favorite browser.



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