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iPad and Russian Keyboard

Posted by Vadim on December 9, 2010

Last week I got a present, a new shiny iPad.  After downloading and playing with few games, I decided it’s time for me to install a Russian keyboard even I don’t type much in Russian.  Like any Apple’s Mac Book, iPad has an option for Russian Phonetic keyboard.  If you don’t know what’s Russian Phonetic Keyboard, read my previous post on the subject.

In order to set up Russian Phonetic Keyboard, I start Settings application.  Then go to General | Keyboard | International Keyboards | Add New Keyboard….  I add Russian – Phonetic.


When I try to use the keyboard that I just added, I’m unpleasantly surprised.  It’s Russian standard keyboard but I explicitly was adding Phonetic one.


If I’m doing something wrong, can someone just slap me and let me know what an idiot I am and what I need to do install it correctly.  Also Apple made a grammatical error when they named the keyboard “Русская” instead of “Русский”.  Like in many other languages, in Russian objects have sex and “keyboard” is male in Russian.  By saying “Русская” it makes the keyboard a female and that sounds way wrong.  You expect this error from people why just started learning Russian.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sergey who reminded me about Russian translation for word “keyboard” which is “клавиатура”.  Клавиатура has female sex and this case “Русская” would be appropriate.  I’m so accustomed to use word “keyboard” even when I speak Russian.



17 Responses to “iPad and Russian Keyboard”

  1. Sergey said

    А с каких пор клавиатура стала мужского пола?
    and keyboard layout “раскладка” also female.

  2. Sergey said

    разве что Язык – он действительно мужского рода, но выбирается ведь там клавиатура, ну или раскладка.

    • Vadim said

      Sergey, very good point. I didn’t think about word “Клавиатура” at all.
      I’ll modify the post.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Sergey said

    you are welcome.:)

    • Johny said

      It’s quite uncomfortable to use classic Russian keyboard for me, I’m used to phonetic. Strange that Apple allows only for bluetooth keyboards use it. So I found some App to write in phonetic I hope Apple will release also phonetic for screen keyboard.
      Thanks for review.

  4. Dimetron said

    It works as expected – only with bluetooth keyboards

  5. Vlac said

    Guys, you made me smile. Russian nouns do NOT have sex, neither English nouns do, but nouns have gender (rod).

  6. Kevin Hutchison said

    I feel like I am a Russian keyboard. Why? Because I also do not have sex.

  7. Gary said

    I got a new iPad 2 days ago and have the same problem. I’m an American who knows Russian and wants to type in Russian, but phonetically since i’m not familiar with the native Russian keyboard layout. I contacted AppleCare and they said it’s a known issue since March and suggested I add my 2 kopecks with at, so I did

  8. Anonymous said

    how to install russian keyboard to ipad
    and i want to know step by step

  9. Adelphi said

    I need old orthography and church slavonic, as i am a student of slavic languages. Can anyone help me get such keyboards (classic or phonetic) for my IPAD?

  10. Anonymous said

    Just a note: words have female GENDER, not sex :)

  11. I know Russian, so I have the Russian keyboard. You were wrong. I will show you (from left to right; the correct way) Top row: First it is й, and then ц,у,к,е,н,г,ш,щ,з,х,ъ. The middle row will be ф,ы,в,а,п,р,о,л,д,ж,э. Finally, the bottom row is я,ч,с,м,и,т,ь,б,ю. I was just showing you the letters. I forgot about the commas, ё, etc.

  12. The ё is next to the 1 and under the Esc. button. Thank you for reading my first one, if you did! ;-D

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