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Live Writer syntax highlighting plug-in for WordPress.

Posted by Vadim on February 8, 2010

About a year ago I wrote a small article how to use syntax highlighting in WordPress using Windows Live Writer.  Few months ago I discovered  Rich Hewlett’s plug-in for Windows Live Writer that works perfectly with WordPress blogs.  I’ve been using it since.

I’m very happy with this plug-in it works great, but it misses the WYSIWYG.  It would be nice to see the code exactly like it appears on the published page during creation of the post.  Also for XML you cannot see code at all.  But it looks great on the published page.

  <body>Rich, Thanks for the great plug-in.</body>

Rich also recently published a new version of his plug-in.  You can download it directly from this link.

I believe that you must have this plug-in if you host your blog on wordpress and publish snippets of code.


One Response to “Live Writer syntax highlighting plug-in for WordPress.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Which Plugin did you used in ? Looks very nice
    2 Rich 3 Vadim 4 Thanks 5 Rich, Thanks for the great plug-in. 6

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