What’s the best way to learn patterns & principles?

All of us at some point in our career study a pattern or two.  patternHowever, reading about a pattern on Internet or in a book without applying it, cannot make this pattern stick in our heads. In the best case we remember the name of the pattern.  Lately I see a lot of encouragements from the blogging community to study and use patterns & principles. 

David Hayden just posted that patterns help him sleep.  For me it doesn’t work.  As soon as  I start coding I have hard time to fall asleep (even at night). Joke aside David has a good message.

Rob Conery wrote a beautiful post: Patterns, Purists, and Sinkholes.  He makes a nice analogy between Construction and Software industries.

If you are an audio junkie like me, you must listen to an interview with  Robert C. Martin aka Uncle Bob on .NET Rocks.  Listening to this show you’ll learn more about SOLID principles.

Going back to my question: What’s the best way to learn patterns & principles?  I wish that I could acquire knowledge about patterns just like Neo learned his skills?  Unfortunately nobody is going to put patterns and principles in our heads;  we need to make an effort to study, learn, and apply P&P.

51Y57BH27TL._SS500_ My company, Ultimate Software, purchased Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# book for every developer.  Unfortunately, by having a book on the shelf doesn’t mean that you know what’s inside that book.

Let me try to answer to my question:

  1. When you learn a pattern, try to apply it.  Think what code can you refactor to use newly learned pattern.
  2. Also do code reviews.  In code reviews you can either educate your peers about patterns or learn from them. 
  3. Get involved with an open source project.  Open source community is very good at applying patterns.  When you work on code that implement a pattern, you forced to learn this pattern.

I’d love to hear from you to learn how you get familiar with new patterns or teach other.

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