Run Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool manualy.

Every month on second Tuesday Microsoft releases security patches, also known as Patch Tuesday.  Part of these patches is Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.  This tool scans computers for malicious software and helps remove any infection found.

This tool runs in the background once a month and displays report only if any harmful software is found on your computer.  Many people have no idea that they have this protection in addition to their Anti-virus software.

What I want to share with you is that you can run this tool any time you want. 

Just type MRT in your Run dialog box or Start Search (on Vista only). 

My favorite way to lunch Run dialog is Win+R key combination.


I believe that when this tool is ran by the system it does a Quick scan.  However, when you run it manually, you have a choice of Quick scan, Full scan, or Customized scan.


I would recommend to run Full scan at least once.  It even will look in your zip files and email attachments that you’ve never opened.  It might take a long time to run.  It took more than 10 hours on my system.

Keep your machine safe.

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