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Mock DataTable

Today I had to work with some legacy code.  It was originally written in Delphi and then converted line by line to C#.  Before changing anything in the code I decided to create unit tests and make sure that I have 100% coverage.

One of the thing I had to do in my unit test is to mock DataTable.  Here are the steps I made during mocking.

  1. Create needed columns in a DataTable.
  2. Create a new DataRow.
  3. Assign values to the row.
  4. Finally add the row to the DataTable.

Repeat steps 2- 4 for each row you want to add to your DataTable.

Here’s the example:

   1: [Test]
   2: public void HolidayTest()
   3: {
   4:   MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository();
   5:   ICompanyDAL dalMock = mocks.CreateMock<ICompanyDAL>();
   6:   // Create DataTable
   7:   DataTable fakeHolidays = new DataTable();
   8:   // 1. Add Columns
   9:   fakeHolidays.Columns.Add("Holiday", typeof (DateTime));
  10:   fakeHolidays.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
  11:   // 2. Create new DataRow
  12:   DataRow dayRow = fakeHolidays.NewRow();
  13:   // 3. Assign values to the row
  14:   dayRow["Holiday"] = DateTime.Parse("07/04/2008");
  15:   dayRow["Name"] = "Independence Day";
  16:   // 4. Add the row to the DataTable
  17:   fakeHolidays.Rows.Add(dayRow);
  18:   _pgDate.CompanyDal = dalMock;
  19:   using (mocks.Record())
  20:   {
  21:     Expect.Call(dalMock.GetHolidays()).Return(fakeHolidays);
  22:   }
  23:   using (mocks.Playback())
  24:   {
  25:     DataTable holidays = _pgDate.Holidays;
  26:     Assert.GreaterThan(holidays.Rows.Count, 0);
  27:   }
  28: }

I used Rhino.Mocks as my mocking framework in the example above.

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2 thoughts on “Mock DataTable

  1. Thank you for posting this very helpful blog. I just start learning programming, and need to create unit testing for some legacy visual basic code. The code I have does not have an interface file. For example, my class name is Admin. If I want to create a mock, do I have to define an interface for my Admin class to be able to use your code to create a mock
    MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository();
    IAdmin adminlMock = mocks.CreateMock();

    If I have to create the interface IAdmin, what do I put inside, does my current Admin class have to implement it? I am pretty new on this. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
    Best Regards

  2. That’s not really a mocked datatable is it? It’s an actual concrete datatable that you are using as the return value from a call to a mock object.

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