Is Logitech Harmony remote secure?

On April 8th, Adobe announced that Adobe Flash Player and earlier, and and earlier have security vulnerabilities.  They strongly recommend that you users upgrade to the newest version

Thanks to Secunia PSI application (read my previous post), I have the latest patched.  However, I realized that latest Logitech Harmony Remote software uses Macromedia Flash Player  If you have this software, you can find it in Program Files\Logitech\Logitech Harmony Remote Software 7\gre\plugins\NPSWF32.dll.

It’s not that bad because you don’t browse the web with their application but I still don’t feel very comfortable  by having insecure DLL on my PC.

First time I heard about (actually read about) Logitech Harmony remote control it was on Scott Hanselman blog about three years ago.  However, only few months ago I finally decided to spend some money for my Harmony 880 remote.  I love it and don’t regret a bit.


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