Am I patched?

Do you wish to have a tool that tells you when one oroverview more of your applications have a security vulnerability, and help you install the updates that you need.

Well, you’re in luck! The very tool you need is Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI). You can download it from here.

Another good thing about it that it’s FREE. Actually Personal Edition is free! If you need a Business Edition, you’ll pay $32.76 per host / year. To buy / try the Business Edition go here.

I already installed Secunia PSI on all my computers. I thought that all my software were patched, yet, it turns out that I was wrong. This application downloaded and installed updates I needed.secunia_settings

By default Secunia PSI is loaded on every boot. If you like me and want to lunch it manually in order to save RAM for other needs, go to Settings and uncheck ‘Start the Secunia PSI on boot’ check box.


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