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Copy text from a MessageBox

I learned how to copy text from a MessageBox about five years ago from one of my co-workers. For those of you who haven’t learned this trick yet; here it is.MessageBox

Let assume that we have a Message Box like one on the right. To copy the message all you need to do is to press Ctrl-C when the Message Box has focus.

Next open your favorite text editor like Notepad and paste it there by pressing Ctrl-V. You’ll see text similar if not identical to this one:

Some Message!!!

How cool is that.

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11 thoughts on “Copy text from a MessageBox

  1. Fantastic, my only question is: why you waited these 5 years, i remember now how many times i kept writing my self the error message to another editor to search with this error on Google for example, really very simple and great tip.

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