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Podcasts in iTunes don’t sync to iPod video.

I just spend about 20 minutes to figure out why podcasts in iTunes are not transferred to my iPod.  To fix the problem I had to do following steps.PodcastsSync

1. Connect the iPod.

2. Click on Podcasts tab.

3. Make sure that Sync checkbox is checked.


I spent about 20 minutes to figure out the problem and about 10 minutes typing this post.  I hope that it saves time for you.


40 thoughts on “Podcasts in iTunes don’t sync to iPod video.

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out (since last night) why my iPod video isn’t syncing to any podcasts and movies in iTunes. Thanks to your post, I’m not tossng my iPod!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I had to update my ipod and all of a sudden there were no podcasts on my ipod. You solved the problem.

  3. Thanks SO much!!! I was completed frustrated and tried everything! In my case, after I found the ipod tab, when I clicked ALL, it still didn’t sync. I had to check all the selected podcasts, and ony then did it sync. THANKS! THANKS! for the time you spent. So stupid that Apply doesn’t print a book on this stuff…..

  4. I have the same problem as Alex. I have many podcasts, all appear on itunes, all play on itunes, but some just don’t sync to my ipod. Why?

  5. Alex and Marc,
    I have been having the same problems. I figured out that the iTouch doesn’t seem to sync High Def ones, which may help you out. But lately my iTouch doesn’t sync some other ones.

  6. This was a great hint – I got a new computer and moved iTunes to the new machine. This didn’t get checked in the migration and I experienced the same problem. Thanks for your time and effort.

  7. Thanks! I went to Apple’s website and it was confusing! Your visual aid is what really helped me! Thanks so much for taking the time to help the technically challenged!

  8. Your effort is enormously appreciated. I have spent so much time figuring iTunes out, this one had me baffled. Your explanation was so simple and it opens up even more efficient use of my iPod.
    Thanks for your post.

  9. Another thanks… pure idiocy on Apple’s part. It only syncs on my nano when I change the setting to selected and put a check next to every podcast. When I had “all new” checked (the default) it would not sync them.

  10. Ironically, mine is syncning EVERYTHING EVERY TIME!!!

    I can’t get it to stop it, and I only want it following a couple of the podcasts I download.

    Everytime I connect it attempts to put them all on, regardless of if I have syncing enabled. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them, this is getting my incredibly annonyed.

  11. Help! I just started to download podcasts and i converted them to work for my ipod but they will not go onto my ipod. i already checked the sync box. i tried to drag them to my ipod but itunes wouldn’t let me. i tried to add them to a music playlist but the playlist just didn’t show up on my iPod (i have an iPod video) please help me.

  12. For those who’ve got some working but not all. I found on my IPod video that podcasts were separate from videos. Might take a stab at that.

  13. Thank you so much! But the instructions weren’t perfectly clear, so it took me a minute to figure out what the “podcast tab” was:

    Connect the iPod.
    On the left-hand side, select your iPod’s icon. Mine shows up as “Shaun’s iPod”.
    There are five tabs: Summary, Music, Podacts, iTunes, Contacts
    Select the podcasts tab, and check “sync podcasts”.
    There are some other options in here, where you can sync all unplayed, the last 10, etc. iTunes has come out with a lot of new options in their latest version.

  14. Many thanks Vadim, this has been puzzling me for a couple of weeks now. Very helpful indeed and I have saved your webpage in my favourites should this occur again.
    Must go, got all my podcasts to catch up on!


  15. Thanks for the tip. Could not figure why a software upgrade erased all my podcasts. But then I have never understood why software upgrades of Itunes added multiple copies of library items to my list. Sometimes up to 5 copies of one song. My 160GB Classic was full because of that. Had to delete duplicates to get it back down to 115GB. I think Apple does that to PC users to drive them crazy.

  16. Thank you!! I spent so much time trying to figure this out. I wish I would have found this BEFORE I got so frustrated!

  17. can you help .my itunes will sync all of my podcasts exept for 1 machinima podcast all are checked in the boxes was working fine untill last month … all help apprechiated cheers dave

    1. If you remove your machinima podcast and add it again, might help. It’s possible that the feed address changed and by removing and adding it again will resolve the issue.

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