Looking for good developers.

The company I work for, Ultimate Software, is always in search for good, passionate C# developers to engineer its next-generation, Enterprise HR and Payroll software solution. The company is located in sunny South Florida where weather is always great. During my career as a developer I worked in many different companies but Ultimate Software is by far the best company I’ve worked for so far. The company earns top ranking on “Great Place to Work” third year in a row. This year, and last year we made #3 Best Medium-Sized Company to Work for in America.

Ultimate Software’s development environment is very Agile.  We practice Scrum methodology. We also doing TDD and our unit test framework is MbUnit.

If you want to work on the cutting edge of software development processes and technology, in an extremely programmer friendly environment with very smart, extremely knowledgeable developers, apply for one of Ultimate Software’s developer openings below.

Two developer positions currently open:




3 thoughts on “Looking for good developers.

  1. Fabrice, thank you for the tip. It doesn’t look like proagora.com is a high traffic site but it makes sense to try to post there.

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