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Addition to Julian Hidalgo blog on TestSequence attribute.

MbUnit contributor, Julian Hidalgo, blogs about using TestSequence attribute. He points out the typical mistake people have when they try to use this attribute for the first time. When I tried to use it for the first time, I also used TestFixture attribute instead of ProcessTestFixture one.

Julian did a good job of demonstrating how to use it. I would like to add that when you put your tests in ProcessTestFixutre, MbUnit will combine all your tests into one big test. The name of the big test will be all your test names separated by a period in the order specified by TestSequence attribute. For instance, if you have a fixture like the one bellow (borrowed from Julian’s blog), your big test name will be SequenceAttributeTest.Test1.Test2.

    public class SequenceAttributeTest
        private int i = 0;
        public void Test2()
            i += 1;
            Assert.AreEqual(i, 2);

        public void Test1()
            i += 1;
            Assert.AreEqual(i, 1);

Another thing I’d like to mention is that if one of the tests fails, the execution stops. It means that no test will be executed after failed test.  If in example above Test1 fails, Test2 will not be run.

Unfortunately, you cannot use RowTest in ProcessTestFixutre.


3 thoughts on “Addition to Julian Hidalgo blog on TestSequence attribute.

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